So this is what I (bookgeekgirl5601) and others on the wiki think the the Flock's theme song should be. Damien Dawn is the ONLY male singer I like, so if you don't like my choices, DONT BE A HATER! You can find most of the songs on my wiki, Books to Read and Music to Hear. Just go to my profile page and the website is there.


  • Team - Krewella
    • Reason: They won't like you if you are the only one who will bring the flock down.
  • United Kids of the World - Headhunterz Feat. Krewella.


  • Silent Scream - Anna Blue
    • Reason: The scientists at the School and all the "normal" people abuse and hate her.
  • Invincible - Icon for Hire
  • Reason: She is practically invincible.


  • Your Heart- Damien Dawn
    • Reason: He wants Max, but he thinks she doesn't like him.


  • Grow Up - Cher Lloyd
    • Reason: Just listen to the first verse and you will know.


  • La La Land: Demi Lovato
    • Reason: She isn't perfect.


  • Trouble - P!nk
    • Reason: He is definitely trouble.


  • I Always Get What I Want- Avril Lavigne
    • Reason: Due to her mind-controlling abilities, she can always get what she wants.


  • Dark Waltz- Hayley Westenra
    • Reason: I think he would have a classical song and this is the only one I like.


  • Monster - Meg and Dia
    • Reason: He is a monster.


  • Misfit- Lesley Roy
    • Reason: He is a misfit even among his evil scientists due to the fact that he saved the flock from the school.
  • Demons - Imagine Dragons
    • Reason: He's tried so hard to do things right for Max, but he's still fundamentally evil on the inside.


  • Oath - Cher Lloyd
    • Reason: She is Max's best friend (besides Fang) and she will try to do anything for her.

Dr. Martinez:

  • The Hardest Mistakes - I See Stars (Feat. Cassadee Pope)
    • Reason: She made the hardest mistakes giving up Max.


  • On a Roll: Icona Pop
    • Reason: Being the daughter of the famous Maximum Ride, she is on a roll.

Max and Fang:

  • Alive- Krewella
    • Reason: Just listen.


  • Sleep Like a Baby Tonight - U2
    • Reason: In the end, he "slept like a baby," or - spoiler alert - committed suicide for Max. Aw, how sweet - not!

Max at the end of Forever:

  • Won't let you go - Avril Lavigne
    • Reason: Again, just listen to it.

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