Do you want to share a fanfic or original character you've created, but don't know how to add it onto here? Don't fret—here are the guidelines!

Fanfiction Steps

  1. Create a new page and title it the same title as your fanfic.
  2. Give a brief description about your story. Two examples of things to include are:
    1. The setting. Is it set between two books, such as The Final Warning & MAX? Or is it an alternate universe fanfic that takes place in an entirely new setting?
    2. A short summary of the fanfic. Add a few lines to the top of the page describing what will happen in the story, but be careful not to spoil the ending!
  3. Don't forget to credit yourself! Add your signature (four tildes, or ~~~~)
  4. Create a line separating your story and introduction (----)
  5. If you have more than one chapter, apply tabbers to separate them, as to not irritate your reader, scrolling the long page!
  6. Apply Category:Fanfictions.
  7. Lastly, have fun writing! (If you have already written your fanfic, skip the writing phase and paste it onto the page. But still have fun!)


  • Please check your grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. before you submit your stories. Nobody wants to read a story of broken English!
  • Once you have a good enough understanding of the content of your story, apply a story rating template to the top of the page to indicate its rating.
  • Also, if the fanfic contains potential spoilers, apply the spoiler template to the top of the page and fill it out as needed.

Character Steps

  1. Create a new page and title it the same title as your original character.
  2. Format the page. An example is shown below; if you decide to use it, create an new heading for each major section:
    1. Brief description of character
      1. Name
      2. Their role in any fanfics they may appear in
    2. Appearance/vital statistics
      1. Full Name (repeat their common name if they don't have one)
      2. Age
      3. Species (e.g. human, avian-human hybrid)
      4. Gender
      5. Height
      6. Hair Color
      7. Eye Color
      8. Skin Tone
      9. Skills/Talents
      10. Status (alive, deceased, or somewhere in the middle?)
    3. History
    4. Fanfics they appear in
  3. Nobody knows your character better than you. Start filling out the page!
  4. Once you have filled it out to your liking, apply Category:OCs and save it.


  • You can apply other categories (such as Category:Mutants) to the character page as well; however, false categories will be removed.
  • If your OC is the titular character of your fanfic, you'll need a way to distinguish them from each other, otherwise it may get confusing. A common practice is to apply labels in the page names; for example, the (story) label in Spectrum (story) helps to distinguish it from Spectrum (character), where the (character) tag indicates that it is a character page.


There are a few types of fanfiction that are not allowed here and will be deleted on sight. These types include:

  • Fanfictions rated MA or containing sexually explicit content
  • Fanfictions containing large amounts of content copied directly from the series. (This is considered plagiarism and copyright violation.)

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